[Edit & Update Feb.3rd 2019 ::: “786 Global Tour” is now not only snuggling up to many more concepts but also has become part of the Human Quest Initiative. Please just click the link an see what we have come up with and now are pursuing actively. Our little team has grown, and there also are a few extra cars to the “train of thought”. The world has started to change so rapidly, that it wont suffice any longer to “just” focus on saving the ocean, or even “just on Nature”, but we now have to develop concepts that are also taking the future wellbeing of mankind into account.
Hence => www.HumanQuest.org and there we even have a German version available 😉 ]

YES – there are about a million things that we should do, could do, need to do and/or change to save our oceans, our environment, our Planet….. but it just doesn’t help if these efforts are limited to a bunch of “hardcore-environmentalists”.
If we wait until mankind has started to understand that there is no option to these changes, even if they “hurt”, it surely will be too late to turn our fate around.

But, people do all kinds of stupid stuff just because it is “hip” or “in” – all it needs is someone to keep telling them its “the thing to do, the thing to have” ….it needs to become POPULAR!

786 is about coming up with Concepts to make Protecting Our Oceans (& Environment) Popular.

Here are the 3 basic concepts we currently have. Of course we would like to see those put into motion, but we would also like them to be understood as a “Challenge” to all others out there who really care, to start to think in the same direction.


Synchronizing the efforts of NGO's dedicated to saving our oceans1.) Lets get together, lets join hands,….
There are so many NGO’s, small activist groups, local efforts, efforts dedicated to certain special subjects and issues – each of them always battling for every penny to keep going, for every hand to help out – but we are not at all organized, not at all synchronised so despite actually being “Millions” we can’t make the impact we need to have.

I do understand the “reasons” behind these “lone wolf”-efforts but we need to overcome these. We need to start to help each other, if we want to be successful in “helping the environment”.

It would be great and it is something clearly on our agenda, if we could establish a plattform where all these small and tiny activist-groups could share their ideas, goals, and activities. Invite neigboring NGO’s over to join an event of theirs – and join their neighbors in return ….but most of all give people from all walks of live one gateway to find a group near them where they might like to join and help out. (Financially, Personally, which way ever they are able to.)
A Million Voices – Our Voices – will be heard if we shout together, if we stamp our feet together and if we march and act in concert.

Bringing Exposure for those working to protect our oceans to a large, world wide audience2.) Transporting the Issues to a large, world wide audience!
Step 1 (above) will not be enough. People from all walks of live need to learn about the efforts of all these small groups, need to see how heroic and tireless most of them work for the greater good.
But when most people come home from work, are done taking care of their children and household and laundry and other daily chores – who can blame them if they don’t have enough energy left to deal with “environmentalism”?

It is silly to expect them to sit down and google the subject and read thru x-amounts of websites. They wont! All they have energy left for is to collapse on their couch, remote in hand, and enjoy some entertainment to slowly unwind on their way to bed….

The 786 Global Tour is the concept, to travel around the world with a larger sailing vessel, on a unique route (hence the “786”) and visit as many of these NGO’s and Activist-Groups and Foundations we have mentioned above.

We will record the journey on Camera and make a TV-Series out of it that should preferably be aired around the globe. We want to invite some Celebrities to join us on different legs and maybe even do the moderation during their stay on board, we will invite scientists from Universities and other bodies to do their research while sailing with us and there will be the opportunity to win a bunk for each of the many legs to come and join us on our trip for free.
Those who can’t leave home can take an active part in our progress by way of audience-participation, like SMS-voting on different questions and options intruduced during the show.

Adventure, True Life Stories, Beauty as well as the Attrocities we come accross, Full Sails and the – if for most only virtual – visiting of different countries, different climate zones, different areas. Some of it might be scripted, but most of it will come natural.

This is what we originally had bought SV AMIBON for (www.Amibon.com) but since we lost that vessel thanks to the efforts of some rogue gangsters and thieves in Mallorca, we will simply have to find another one.

Aye Matie is the design of a TV Show to entertain people of all ages and motivate them at the same time to join the efforts to save our oceans3.) Trash-TV Entertainment!
Concept 1 & 2 will not appeal to people who have distanced themselves already too far from Nature and the attraction it has. But we need those aboard as well! This is what we created this concept for.

“Aye Matie” is a Pirate themed TV-Show that on first look is for entertainment only. Similar to concepts already popular around the world, the main difference is that it bases on a “story” which makes sense and will draw the “drama” naturally from the environment we are going to produce it in: The Sea!

Participants will be recruited by a Pirate Captain to retrieve his Treasure lost somewhere in the Caribbean. They have to first pass a number of tests to see if they have what it takes to be a Pirate – Audience Participation will vote them in or out. This continues thru the first sea-trials which again will be completed on a larger traditional sailing vessel. Finally a crew made up from the best of the best will set sail to retrieve the treasure. Depending on the audiences voting for each participant they will eventually get a share from the Treasure.

The vessel we would like to buy for this purpose we allready have set our sights on, next step will be to secure financing to get started. It really does not take that much and once launched we are certain that the project will generate enough funds to continue with it AND to finance the “786 Global Tour Project” as well.
Again it would be fabulous if we could win Celebrities to lead thru the shows.

How is this going to help protect and preserve our Oceans?
These concepts in a large part live of the pleasure for the audience of “eavesdroping”. Cameras are everywhere …and of course the subject and issue of our polluted Oceans will be scripted into these productions.
“Constant dripping wears the stone” and the goal is to make the audience to sooner or later go: “What are these people always talking about? It can’t be that bad….?” and the next time they have some quiet to sit down and start to google the matter.

Whenever one learns something because of ones own initative, because one has developed an interest of ones own, – this information sticks, and will lead to wanting to learn more and eventually it simply must lead to awareness for the needs of our Oceans.

Mission Accomplished! Especially if we can make this show hugely popular, so that the kids in school talk about it, co-workers during their lunch-breakes and they eventually take pride in having acquired more knowledge than the others. Competition also is always a good motor for progress – in this case for the right cause!

Making Environmental Awareness Popular – this is what 786 is all about.
The concepts introduced above are “ready in the drawer” – but we are aware that these are not the “Fat Lady Singing” so we will continue to think about, draft, create, invent, design further ideas and are always happy to discuss yours! Simply click on “Contact” in the menu and share your thoughts with us.

This is NOT to groom anyone’s personal vanity – but to save our Planet before it is too late, for there is no Planet B. …and quite honestly? I really don’t care who might eventually want to pin our joint success to his own chest.