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Envy and Greed are two incredibly destructive forces….. Apparently those infected do not even stop short of altruistic projects. Found that out the hard way – as usual. I had to give up on our “Big Girl” – so be it. That did become life threatening. Our “Little One” got stolen, our Insurance (Pantaenius) f**ed […]

Operation “Gentleness”

Aaaand: Its a GO! Initially concepted for Southern Spain we unexpectedly have found the perfect basis for our “Operation Gentleness” here at the Cote d’Azure. The Concept is as simple as utterly new (an we consequently in the middle of quite a “learning curve”): We are inviting people, holidaymakers, to join us for free day […]


Last night, I met two saints. Saint Sebastian and Saint Pierre. We set together engulfed in something that felt like “pure energy” when Saint Sebastian did share a parabola with us. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Story of the Hummingbird (By Pierre Rahbi) One day a fire started in the debth of the forest. It quickly caught on […]

Blackfish (!) – A “Must See”!

This documentary is not about a “fish”, not even about a “whale” (Orca’s actually are Dolphins!) but the response it has been triggering internationally is not only overwhelming but also the first real chance to build and maintain a momentum that could actually lead to a ban of this absurd and ultimately cruel type of […]