Blackfish (!) – A “Must See”!

A must see! Muss man gesehen haben! Blackfish

This documentary is not about a “fish”, not even about a “whale” (Orca’s actually are Dolphins!) but the response it has been triggering internationally is not only overwhelming but also the first real chance to build and maintain a momentum that could actually lead to a ban of this absurd and ultimately cruel type of “entertainment” for the masses!

You can watch it for free here:
….and also please share! The more people see this, the greater the chances, that we can not only win this battle for nature and mankinds ultimate friend in the ocean but simultaneously also stop the brutal slaughtering of Dolphins in Tajii (The Cove) in Japan. (The slaughtering of Dolphins there is only a “side-effect” of their immensly profitable hunt to capture Dolphins for these “Dolphin Shows”)

Many international stars already have cancelled their collaboration with Sea World, their appearance at the “parks”, their support!

Now it is YOUR TURN to turn the tide!