A Parabola - EIne Parabel Last night, I met two saints.
Saint Sebastian and Saint Pierre.
We set together engulfed in something that felt like “pure energy” when Saint Sebastian did share a parabola with us.


The Story of the Hummingbird
(By Pierre Rahbi)

One day a fire started in the debth of the forest.
It quickly caught on and started to spread, rapidly gaining in speed, consuming what ever got in its way.
The animals were horrified.
They ran, tried everything to escape from the fire.
The rabbit and the fox, the sparraows and the hawks, the mouse just like the wolf or bear.
Suddenly the bear saw a Hummingbird.
A tiny Hummingbird.
It was also flying out of the forest, but just to the lake, picked up whatever tiny amount of water its tiny peck couuld hold and flew back into the forest. Spitting it into the fire. Just to fly back out again. to pick up some more water and flying back in again.
The mighty bear stoped and asked the Hummingbird in astonishment:
“Hummingbird!” he said, “are you crazy? With that little amount of water you stand no chance against the fire! You will burn your wings, you will die in the fire!”
“I know”, replied the Hummingbird, “but at least I am contributing my part.”


Just think about the deep and incredible meaning of this parabola…

Oh, and by the way:
You might ask: “Are the Sebastian and the Pierre I met, real saints?”
And I’d answer: “Well maybe not by the definition of a well known association with its headquarters in Rome, but then again, the Saints mankind need to find salvation over destruction are not the “saints of the past” but the “saints of the future” – and that the Sebastian and Pierre I met most certainly are. Each in his own remarkable way.