Operation “Gentleness”

Free Excursions to get to feel the ocean

Aaaand: Its a GO!

Initially concepted for Southern Spain we unexpectedly have found the perfect basis for our “Operation Gentleness” here at the Cote d’Azure.

The Concept is as simple as utterly new (an we consequently in the middle of quite a “learning curve”):

We are inviting people, holidaymakers, to join us for free day cruises with our “little one” SY AMOR MARIS.

The Offer: To spend a relaxing, wonderful day at and with the sea, aboard our classic sailing yacht, while we try to make the best of that time spent together to inform our guestsin a gentle and subtle way about the urgent need to thoroughly protect our oceans.

Our Hope: To at least find a few we can inspire to join the growing group of “Ocean Ambassadors”, to set off to learn for themselves, to start to see ….and possibly join some of the many Initiatives out there who all are in constant need of additional activists. The essential message being one that simply needs to be transported to as many people as possible – as fast as possible.

Ofcourse we are aware that with this “Operation Gentleness” we wont change the world, us being way too small to even get close, but we simply are trying, within our own limitations, to contribute and do our part.

If more people would simply “contribute their part”,….. what a paradise we all could be living in!
We believe its not enough to constantly ask others “to do something” – one does have to set an example …. and this we do hope to be able to with this project of ours.

Join Us!: If you do speak French and want to join in aboard helping to inform our guests, you’d be welcome to spend one, or two weeks of your vacation aboard AMOR MARIS ….or you could enjoy the entire summer at this beautiful location! Interested? Just get in touch!