Envy and Greed are two incredibly destructive forces….. Apparently those infected do not even stop short of altruistic projects.
Found that out the hard way – as usual.

  • I had to give up on our “Big Girl” – so be it. That did become life threatening.
  • Our “Little One” got stolen, our Insurance (Pantaenius) f**ed us big time, the girl has to be considered “lost”.
  • The people I had trusted with this project while in hospital? The next ones who f**ed us the very moment when being part of this became a burden instead of the joy it has been up until then.
  • All Our Youtube-Videos lost. Deleted, by the same people as mentioned above
  • Our Facebook-Page with some 3.000 Members: Deleted (by the same people mentioned above)
  • This Website hijacked – most old postings deleted – giving me some headache until I managed to retrieve it.
  • …..and many more “niceties” along these lines.

Who wants to work for change?BUT:
What some people don’t seem to understand: 786 is not about me. It never was. I personally DO NOT MATTER in this entire equasion.
I just happen to maybe be the guy who came up with the idea how we can contribute a major part to saving our planet. Who cares who it was who had an idea first? All that matters is, that someone had it, and that it can be put to work.
To hurt or harm this project – ultimately hurts and harms everybody, because all that matters is that we can make “Protecting and Preserving our Oceans POPULAR”.
If we cant find a way to make all people, of all walks of life, from all Nations, from all Religions, ethnic and social backgrounds JOIN HANDS – it will be too late, our Oceans will collapse pretty soon, and even so I am not a big fan of Capt. Paul Watson, he got it right with one sentence: “If the Oceans die – We die” as it also is being summed up with another short one that cant get stressed enough: “For there is No Planet B”.

The last 7 years have been a Nightmare.
I lost everything that has ever been dear to me – but maybe we are seeing here the “Reverse Bible Story”? 🙂
“7 Fat years will follow those 7 incredibly Lean years?”

I will either rebuild 786 from the ashes it has been beaten into, or I will give the concepts and ideas to someone willing and able to pick up where I have maybe failed, or I will make myself available in any kind of collaboration or cooperation that has the potential to make these ideas and projects a success.

If you want to join our efforts, contribute what ever you think you can or want to contribute: Just drop me a line (“Contact” above) or have a chat with Leo Bauer on Facebook.

….am taking a deep breath: Let’s Rock ‘n Roll! 🙂

P.S.: For the moment there will be no German (or French, or Spanish) version of this website. Have to find time to do the translations – do have some more pressing issues currently on my mind.