Consolidation…. & Looking for a new Vessel for the Job!

Things start to come together again.
Slowly…. but preseverance is what differs me from many other people. I simply know we need to accomplish this!

We are ready to be looking into securing a suitable vessel for this project!
It needs to be between 90′ and 120′ in length to accomodate all the people needed to bring this project to life;
* The actual Crew needed to safely sail & operate the vessel.
* Camera & Sound Crew
* Host & Hostess of the show
* The actual “Candidates” and of course
* Pirate Captain “Mo Silver” 🙂

786 and all its efforts are – and always will be – charitable and Non-Profit.
Needless to say, that it would be great to find someone who would donate his vessel to our cause, but we are aware that this is not too likely to happen (even so it most probably would be a “tax-deductable donation”).

Which means, that we need to at least find someone who is willing to “work with us” on the terms of a sale.
Without a Vessel that can be presented to possible Sponsors and Collaboration Partners, the “Aye Matie”-Concept and the “786 Global Tour Concept” will remain “just a wild idea” some “dreamers” are having …. way too many of those around to get anyone into a substantial negotiation!
But: WITH a suitable vessel at hand, a vessel possible partners can actually step on, maybe even sail with for a day, it should be fairly easy to convince at least some of those we have been in touch with for quite some time, that this idea could actually fly, and that they could and should be a part of it!

As far as I am concerned?
I recently turned 58, this entire project stretches over a total time of 10 years. By the time I turn 70 I want to be able to “retire” to look back and say: “we did our very best to make a difference!”
This is what keeps me going, this is why I wont give up, no matter how many rocks have been rolled into my path in the past. Goethe once said: “Even with the rocks thrown at you, one can build something of value”.
I may not be able to complete the entire journey that lies ahead, but I still have more strength and power than many a man much younger than me. So, for the time being, I will remain the “engine” that drives this concept – and “God willing” will find people along the way who will eventually take over and complete what we are starting.

If you are an owner of a suitable vessel (preferably “sailing”-vessel, as we don’t want to contribute to polluting out oceans even further) – or if you are a broker who knows of some owner who might entertain the idea of joining in – please, by all means, lets get in touch, sit down, have a talk, and see if we can make our minds meet!

Thank you for your attention

Capt. Peter Brucha
Founder and Chairman of
786 Global Meeresschutz eV