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2.: About – 786

Founder of 786 Global: Peter Brucha

I am a “Blessed Man”!
Born into the “Babyboomer-Generation” and in Austria, we seemed to have “no limits”, everything was possible, “more and always more” seemed to be a justified credo to live by.

Well: We were wrong.
I am as guilty as everybody else of the post WW2 generations to have abused and looted this Planet of ours to the brink of exhaustion – and at times beyond. Way Beyond…….

I started sailing on the beautiful lakes of Austria about the same time I started to go to school. As I grew older, I grew out of school but did stick to sailing and pretty soon ventured to blue water sailing. I grew older, the boats grew bigger, the distances sailed expanded as well. I had found my “calling”, Ocean is all I need to feel alive and to recharge my “personal batteries”.
Strange for a guy born to a landlocked country famous for its beautiful mountains. But it is what it is.

I sucked at school for the same reason why nobody in his right mind would ever hire me as an employee: I am way too curious to stubbornly follow rules made God knows when and Time is way too precious to me to waste it on “basic survival mode”. If that means I cant afford a car – I’ll walk, If that means I can afford a house – I’ll find a spot for me and my sleeping bag…..

I decided against studying Medicine (like my Dad) because I grew up next to a Doctor… I decided against studying law because I was told that I’d be wrong in that profession if I would mistake “law” with “justice”. (And I am a sucker for justice)…. I never did study Marine Biology (even so THAT would have been it!) – because I would have had to study “General Biology” first and did not see myself study stuff I had very little interest in for many years, prior to getting to where I wanted to go. I also believed that one can do anything, go anywhere if one was just dedicated enough, just daring enough to “jump in the cold water”.
Which I always was.

Financing for my “Oceanic Adventures” obviously was always the problem, so I did arrange my life in “Cycles”: I would work like crazy for a couple of years, make enough for the next boat and some for the road, and drop out to go sailing. When funds ran out, I would return to the world of business, usually with some “crazy idea” everybody said about: “It cant be done!”, and did it…. Catch 22 – but in a, in my opinion, good way.

Most of the time I was lucky with my ideas and concepts – the rest was taken care of by being ready to work around the clock. Sometimes I failed, which I never saw as failure but just as the “discovery how not to do it”.
(Thank you for that quote, Mr. Eddison!)

Living like that doesn’t earn you many friends.
Those in the rat-race can not imagine someone doing something for “Altruistic Motives” or for any reasons not associated with chasing after fame or money (or both)….. and I never did.
Those who have distanced themselves from this absurdity distrust you, because they could never picture themselves wearing a suit and a tie and be stuck in an Office for 20 hours/day….
Never caring for “Trophies” or “Status Symbols” (or “Money” for that matter) I guess I was just lucky, that it always did work out, I always got where I wanted to go and I always got up when knocked down, smiled at the mediocrity of those who made it a “sport” to hate me and follow only one iron clad rule: “Never forget who you are, never do anything to others you would hate if done to you, never be unjust or unfair, no matter how unjust and unfair others might be to you, always know the guy whose teeth you are brushing in the morning.”

Other than that, it always was: “Dream Big, Aim High, Work Hard, Respect those who earn your respect – not those who demand it, Help those less fortunate, Fight those who abuse their power. Do what you believe in, what is right, and be the Oak that does not care what pig pisses at its stem. …and make the impossible possible.”

This I can with all honesty say, I have adhered to without exception.

2.: About – 786

Das Logo von 786 GlobalHaving been introduced to “Blue Water Sailing” at a fairly young age, pretty  soon did open my eyes to what we are responsible for.
You just can’t travel on the Oceans, just a Meter or two (3 – 6′) above the surface and NOT notice that things have been constantly changing to the worse.

When I first sailed in the Mediterranean we would cast the fishing line maybe an hour prior to dinner-time and could be sure to have a wonderful fresh fish on the table.

A few years back I sailed some 2,000 nm (RT) in the Med, trailing a line for the entire time, not catching one fish.
Overfishing, Industrialized Fishing, ignorance toward this environment has already taken its toll.

But of course also the constant rise in Ocean Temperatures, a direct result of “Man Made Climate Change”, does have an awfully adverse effect on the number of fish…..

When crossing the path of one of these mighty cruise liners, if outside of territorial waters, one literally traverses “Garbage-Carpets”….
The “simple” “reason” being, that the cruise ship companies are being charged for the disposal of their garbage in port, so: The less they end up having carted away there – the less money they have to spend. The oceans are being sacrificed for “God Profit”. Again.
Needless to say that Cruise Ships are not the only reason for the pollution and the poisoning of our Oceans.

I could go on and on ….. but fact is: It quickly became clear to me, that we do not have to say “Stop!” – we have to yell it.
Consequently I started to look around if I could join some NGO and contribute to saving our Oceans.

I found many such NGO’s.
Large Organizations that ran a professional operation as well as countless small ones with dedicated people doing an awesome job in their spare time trying to make their fellow humans aware of what is going on, preach to them that we need to change, fight for every half inch of progress in the right direction with incredible effort.
Some true heroes among those!

I was also quickly able to identify some of the reasons why they don’t achieve more, and achieve it faster:

  1. Whenever they find someone willing to listen, that someone usually is already in the know, at least strongly interested in the issue….. it basically boils down to “Preaching to the Believers”.
  2. The majority of people has had it with “preachers & teachers” upon leaving school – or they have enough of that with mass on Sunday; They simply wont listen (or think it does not concern them for a number of reasons)
  3. The big ones run a “tight ship” and at times “multi-million $ ops”, they don’t want to “cooperate” (and share their profits) with small ones
  4. The small ones are always short on hands (and funds) so they tend to feel threatened(!) by other small ones.
    (Competition at its worst)
  5. It is incredible difficult to communicate the urgency of the matter – because when the average person looks out at sea, they just see this “mighty ocean” (and not a very fragile Eco-System) – and when they go down to the beach after breakfast during their vacation, they don’t know that half-an-army has cleaned the beaches in the wee-hours of the morning.

SO: We need to reach “the masses”. We need them to change their view on the subject, we need them to get interested and preferably involved! We need them to change their habits…
Only if the people start to refuse (on a grand scale) to buy stuff unnecessarily packed in heaps of plastic, manufacturers will find different ways of packing….
Only if people start to refuse to buy every day items made from Plastic, the industry will react and produce the stuff from biodegradable materials.
Like “one-time-use” Plates and Cutlery, which for there are great alternatives made from Banana-Leaves; But that’s just one example.
Only if people stop saying: “We don’t care how i.e. Electricity is “made” – all that matters is that it is always available at the sockets….” (etc.) we will be able to stop polluting our Earth and our Oceans with plastic, fossil fuels (or nuclear energy which we still know very little about…) etc.

I consequently did spend a couple of years on thinking about how we can reach these “masses”, and open their eyes.

I am aware that most are not as lucky and privileged as I am. They work most of the time and when they have a brake, they either collapse on their couch remote in hand, or try to get at least some quality time with their families. They have no time, no mind, no energy to devote it to what they (really should!) devote most(!) of their time to.

“Preaching” does not really work, “Lecturing” does not really work, People don’t seem to wake up not even when they start to suffer from more frequent and devastating floods or fires or…. but ONE method seems to always work to reach “the masses”: Entertainment!

Following that realization I drafted a few concepts how to reach people, how to pick them up where they collapsed (behind the TV on their couch) and slowly guide them towards the most important moment: Asking the right questions themselves and wanting to find the answers with their own research. No lecturing, no preaching, just a bit of “gentle but constant shaking”.

Next I thought that nobody would even listen to me if I presented nothing more than an “idea”. Too many people have “ideas” but lack the substance to follow thru.
The logical thing to do next, seemed obvious to me: I needed to create the foundation of the project myself and only then start to talk to possible partners.

The best place to talk about the Ocean is to be on the Ocean …. so I needed a strong vessel, big enough to accommodate a number of people required for my projects, – and it needed to be cheap enough so that I could afford to buy it.

That vessel I found in 2009 and managed to acquire it by 2010 : 786Global was born!

By 2012 I had finished refurbishing it, had invested some 30,000(!) man-hours of my own labor and pretty much all the funds I had available. A little over € 1 Million. – just to find out that some criminals in Mallorca had no intention to let me leave and they also had the means to enforce their plan.
It was a nice boat, especially after I was done with the refit ( but it did not warrant the atrocities these people were ready to commit to usurp this vessel. I later found out what the true reason was, this is subject of a book ready for printing and a movie to be made from it, because truly no one could ever make up a story like that!

Eventually I had to give up on the boat, had to walk away, but before I did that I actually did give it to “someone” way more powerful than me (or “them” for that matter). My final little “satisfaction” to know that they will never get it now. The loss for me? Significant! Not only financially. It has also cost me my marriage, my dog, and the ensuing “war” my freedom or even my life.
Enough said – anyone interested in that story: Read the book when it comes out.

Loosing my Boat, my Wife, my Dog and pretty much everything else that was dear to me was bad – but no reason to give up. I never give up once I realize something to be “right” and “important”.

I bought another boat. A much smaller one. Too small for my “big plans” but a boat never the less with which I would be able to start some small projects, maybe get the attention of the media and use that attention to free Amibon from the crooks in Mallorca (That was before I learned what all of this was really about.)

Making it clear what I had in mind to use “our little one” for ( I managed to complete the refit (yet again a couple of thousand hours of hard work) and run one quite successful season with “Operation Gentleness” prior to finding myself again in the middle of the war orchestrated by the “Mallorca Yacht Mafia” against me. Obviously to them “Amor Maris” was an asset of mine they felt threatened by, so they made sure I would lose it.
In November 2014 she was stolen from a Marina near the French Border (Roses) while I had to undergo surgery in Vienna. Turned out that our insurance had closer ties to the Mallorca Yacht Mafia than to us, the insured, so we were left high and dry and without compensation.

Simultaneously the “war” against me to rid me of Amibon intensified. Obviously they still think they can hunt me to reach their goals and threw quite a lot at me.
I have survived. I am stronger than ever. I will continue on my path no matter what.
They have lost. No matter if they already realize it or not.

Hence also the relaunch of this website and a minor change in my approach:
I now will be looking for strong partners first, then go and acquire the next vessel and take it from there.

As far as the basic concept of 786 Global is concerned and the future we are heading for, please see: “About” from the links above.