Why 786?

Why 786?

There are two reasons for this.

1.) The preservation and protection of our Oceans is a matter of utmost importance to all People from around the Globe.
A healthy environment is the most important precondition for GLOBAL PEACE.

786 this number stands for peace in Budhism (OM) and islam alike. Me myself being born to a Jewish Mother and raised in a Christian Society I also wanted to incorporate the “Universal Religion of Peace”, Buddhism into this project while of course not forgetting about Islam either.
The Sanskrit Symbol for “Peace” the “OM” has been interpreted by early Arabic Seafarers for the Arabic Numbers: 786 (!) which resulted 786 becoming a sacred Number in Islam.
It stands for “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim” (In the name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Beneficient)

786 Global Tour is a Mission of Peace, Respecting Every Religion, Respecting Mother Nature, aiming to unite People from all corners of the world to preserve and protect our Planet. For there is no “Planet B”.

There you go.

2.) The Number 786 superimposed on the map of the world shows the route we have planned for the “786 Global Tour” -Project.
Das Logo von 786 Global
(a) The “7”: Follow the East Coast of the USA from the Caribbean up to Canada, thru the North West Passage and back down past the Aleut Islands.
(b) The “8”: Is a big one! The “upper loop” is a grand circle around the Pacific Ocean, while the “lower loop” basically is circling South America returning us back to the Caribbean.
(c) The “6”: Starts in the Caribbean, crosses the Southern Atlantic Ocean and basically circles the Indian Ocean, back up across the Atlantic to the Caribbean with the final “tip of the 6” is to end the grand voyage in Europe – where we also intend to start it.

If you so want the 786 Global Tour would be a Circumnavigation in two parts, adding up to actually two full Circumnavigations, since we will be crossing each of the 3 big Oceans twice.