This page really is no longer of real significance, so I will keep it as short as possible.
It basically is just a quick glance into the “making of 786” – if only to show, that it is not the result of some sudden idea.
I have almost completed a book about the entire story – so if you want to know more, please get yourself a copy once it is published. It will be called “From Angel to Demon”……

Too many people have great ideas, are dreaming big – but lack the substance to follow thru with their concepts.
With this thought in mind I wanted to FIRST acquire a suitable vessel and only then set the plan into motion.

And that is what I did.
I first acquired a simply perfect vessel. A “floating tank” – at least that was the way I saw her.
She was to become our
Flagship, named “AMIBON” derived from French meaning “Good Friend”.
Not too poor I was not rich either so I had to settle for a wreck and do the refit myself.
What she did look like when I was done, after having invested some 30.000 (!) man-hours and approx One Million €uros, you can still see here:

To my complete and utter surprise the Marina, where she was at the time when I got her, refused to let us go.
They kept coming up with all kinds of excuses and claims and demands and eventually I was told to my face:
“We want this boat, we want it for free – and we will get it.”

Being in Mallorca, aka Spain, aka Europe, I did believe that I can trust to be protected by a functioning legal system – so I took the matter to my first Maritime Attorney.
Upon returning from that meeting I was already greeted by the Marina Manager, one Oscar Siches, and told with a smirk in his face:
That wont do you any good. On this Island we own the Attorneys, the Police, the Judges and the Thugs.”
My initial thought was: “Bull Shit” – in the 7 years(!) since then I have learned this claim not to have been bragging but true to the dot.

Mr. Siches and his Partners Mr. Pablo Roca and Mr. Justo Arcenillas made my life a living hell for the next 2+ years – always readily supported by “their friends” from the Guardia Civil and other local Police Forces.
Not a nice feeling to find that you are utterly helpless at the hands of some ruthless crooks which includes Police, Courts and Lawyers.

What happened to me/us during those first years, you can read up on in a summery to be found here:

Its a long story from there on (see the Book: “From Angel to Demon” mentioned above) but to sum it up in short:
All those who had witnessed the unfolding of all the events and who kept saying: “That cant be it, there must be more to this, there must be something you either don’t know or are not telling” – turned out to have been right.

There was something I had no clue about.

The whole insane effort to usurp my boat started to make sense when I receive the hint from an insider with the “Mallorca Yacht Mafia” that “they are not after the boat, but after what is in the boat.”

Again, I at first thought: “Bull Shit! I know this boat inside out, there is nothing of value “inside” this boat….” but I soon learned that I was wrong.

Anyway: 6 years after thinking that I was on my way to set my concept and ideas into motion I had to realize that I did not stand a chance to ever set sail with this boat and that I had to not only give up on her, but also to take another step to get myself out of the constantly life threatening cross hairs of these criminals:

I had to give the Boat to someone way more powerful then them, someone who would be able to protect me AND make sure that these guys would never get to harvest the benefits of the atrocities committed against me.

And this is exactly what I did.

AMIBON is no longer mine. I don’t think the crooks in Mallorca have yet realized whom against they have to fight now, but the comforting thought during the misery of having lost the boat I loved and had put so much effort into is, that they eventually will find out.
All of them.
The corrupt guys from the Police as well as the corrupt Judge, the disloyal island-attorneys as well as the thugs who did beat me up and others thugs that have caused much more havoc than that.
How foolish to ever think that they would get away with this. That I would let them get away with this.

But Amibon was not the only vessel I lost to this war.
After having to flee Mallorca I managed to buy another, much smaller, boat again “dirt-cheap” so I could afford to buy it and did rebuild and refit it again myself.
And I dare say that I again did a great job. If you want to see the result of my efforts you can just visit:
The idea was to start some smaller projects (since Amor Maris was too small to substitute Amibon), get the attention of the Media, use that attention to shed the light of public attention on the events in Mallorca and possibly win Amibon back.
(That was prior to me finding out what this whole battle really was about).

Consequently the Mallorcan crooks realized the threat my “little one” did pose to them and made sure that I would lose her as well.
One November Night in 2014 she “mysteriously” disappeared from her berth in the Marina of “Roses”/Costa Brava just to resurface a few days later in a small Fishing Port in Algeria – where she has been stuck ever since.
The Insurance, Pantaenius, maintaining close ties to the Mallorca Yacht Mafia, abandoned us and so the theft accomplished what it was intended for: No more alternate programs, no more media attention, – and just in case I still might have received any, they employed massive libel and slander to make sure that no one in the industry would do as little as talk to me.

Does that mean I will be giving up?
Hell No!

Anyone really wanting to stop me would have to put an actual gun to my head and pull the trigger – as I have been threatened with so often.

But now? Why should they?
They have lost.
I have lost my wife, my dog, almost all my money, my nice little Oldtimer Car (which they also stole), Amor Maris and Amibon and (almost) my life and freedom on more than one occasion – but I think they now have realized that all of that will not earn them ownership and/or access to Amibon.
They are up against a new enemy. A mighty enemy – and they don’t even know who that is.
(A thought that, I admit, does put a smile on my face every time it crosses my mind.)

And they cant stop the full story from being told either.
The book is ready enough to no longer need me to complete it. The full story and all documents, all evidence is recorded and stored safely – time for me to move on.

And “moving on” is exactly what this relaunch of “786 Global” is about.
With or without me.

786 and my life is not about taking revenge, not even against these scumbags who have made my life a living hell for seven(!) years – Karma will eventually take care of them, and if not Karma, the new owners sure will.
786 is about Saving Our Oceans by making Protecting and Preserving our Oceans Popular.
Nothing else matters.