June 2017 ….. Today (May 2018):

2017 ….. Upping the pressure against Pantaenius. Quite difficult to find an attorney they have not hired at some point and therefor claims “conflict of interest”. Turns out that somehow the mast of Amor Maris broke while in said Algerian Port – suspicion increases that she has to be considered a “total loss”.

2016 ….. Negotiations Completed. AMIBON is no longer ours. Time to think about a Restart?

2016 ….. I have successfully fought off all the attacks. Damage to me personally some, but not devastating. I am still “standing”! – Time to rid myself of the Vessel that has caused all this trouble. And that I do. Negotiations….

2015 ….. The final attack against me is being launched, this time utilizing quite a number of “Trojan Horses”. My health deteriorates further, but I don’t give up. I fight back as usual.

2014 ….. I share my thoughts about the Theft with our Insurance Pantaenius not paying much mind, that they have very strong ties with the Mallorca Yachting Industry themselves. They find “Amor Maris” in an obscure Algerian Fishing Port, notify us but do not return her instead cancel immediately our Insurance and provide no further assistance.

2014 ….. Amor Maris “mysteriously” vanishes from Port of Roses/Costa Brava/Spain where she had been laid up securely for the Winter. Thieves seem to be aware of and informed about well in advance of every step I take.

2014 ….. 4 Years of “War” take their toll. I end up in Hospital, have to undergo Surgery. Painful & Slow Recovery

2014 ….. Massive Attacks of the “Mallorca Yacht Mafia” are reaching me via their “usual approach” to employ “Trojan Horses”

2014 ….. I get a call from a very reputable Gentleman of the “Mallorca Yachting Industry” with the somewhat cryptic message: “They don’t want the boat, they want what is inside the boat.” Start of research what that could be.

2014 ….. Returning with “Amor Maris” to South of France, what a great Sailboat she now is. Launch of “Operation Gentleness”.

2014 ….. Reregistration Process Completed! Our “little one” now officially goes by the Name “Amor Maris”

2014 ….. Exhibiting @ “Duesseldorf BOOT” introducing “786” to the public. Many “behind the scenes” conversations with Representatives of the Mallorca Yachting Industry

2013 ….. I compile a summary of the “First 3 Years with Amibon” – what an incredible story:
You can read up on it in this *.pdf document  (opens in a new Tab)

Nov 13 – March
2014 ….. Total Refit in Marina Smir in Morocco

2013 ….. Sailing the “wounded” Little One to Morocco for an affordable refit

2013 ….. Founding of the Charitable Association “786 Global Meeresschutz” – for the Protection & Preservation of our Oceans and registering with the Authorities in Vienna/Austria. Gifting of the “Little One” to the Association.

2013 ….. Purchase of our “Little One” – The Battle against the “Mallorca Yacht Mafia” continues!

2013 ….. Over the years many people have said: “We don’t believe you.” or “The marina just wants money due to them, of course they try to use the boat as their token of negotiation” …etc.
If that is the case, then someone explain to me, why they did actually turn down payment on more than one occasion and why they did this to their “collateral” within approx 6 month? (Actually between December 2012 and July 2013)
Mallorca Yacht Mafia, Oscar Siches, Pablo Rocca, Justo Arcenillas

Mallorca Yacht Mafia, Oscar Siches, Pablo Rocca, Justo Arcenillas










Mallorca Yacht Mafia, Oscar Siches, Pablo Rocca, Justo Arcenillas














2012 ….. “Mysterious” Robbery resulting in the disappearance of the funds dedicated to free the boat. Death-Threats intensifying – I have to flee from Mallorca to safety.

2012 ….. Notifying the Civil Court in Palma of offer to deposit sued for amount with the court, supplying proof of availability of funds. (Judge at “Juzgado Mercantil” obligated to approve within max 48 hours – which he has not, until today! =June 2017=)

2011 ….. Completion of Reregistration. Our big Girl now is officially named AMIBON. Promising negotiations with large TV-Production companies

2010 –
2012 ….. Total Refit. 20,000 man-hours and € 1 Million invested while fighting an unheard battle against the Mallorca Mafia.

2010 …… Signing of “Bill of Sale”  – The Big Girl is Ours
2010 …… Start of negotiating Purchase
2009 ….. First discovery of “Freedom of Gibraltar” beginning to search for Owner
2003 ….. Start Searching for a suitable and financable Vessel
2001 ….. First Concept and Drafting of the Idea