786 Global is about „Making Environmentalism Popular while being especially dedicated to the source of all life: Our Oceans.

And yet: This website is NOT tailored for this purpose.
With this website I am NOT trying to reach people who have never heard about the senseless slaughter of Whales and Dolphins by the Japanese – who have never heard about the atrocity happening with the “Grind” on the Faeroe Islands – who have never heard about thousands of whales starving to death each year, because their stomachs are bloated with Plastic – who have never heard about the devastating effects “Shark-Fining” has on the balance of the oceanic Eco-Systems – who have never heard about the poison and plastic that is present in most cosmetic products and that get basically washed straight into the sea (just to return in our “seafood” to poison us back) – who have never heard about the devastating effects industrialized fishing has as well as the equally insane concept of “sustainable fish-farms” – who don’t understand what kind of devastating Domino-Effect the rise of Ocean Temperatures for just one Degree Centigrade has…..
……I made this website, in its current form, to address people who know all that and are looking for a concept, a project they could contribute to because it has the best chances to actually make a difference and who want to become part of a team working their butts off, without compensation, most of the time without even a “Thank You” …… nope, if you join, you will actually experience that people spit in your face.
With most people it does not sit well, when they realize that we are out to slaughter their favorite demons: “Profit” and “Progress”.

I have created this new version of this website for the simple reason:
Ever since I first had the Idea and started to work on the Concepts I did all the work alone. It was a „One Man Show“ despite that this is not what it was supposed to be.

I always thought: „How can you expect people to join in, if you don‘ have a structure ready, a detailed schedule, all assets and materials needed ready and in place….?“ – So I tried to provide for all of it myself.

I am not shy to admit that I have failed. I have fucked up royally despite investing all the money I have made in my entire life, despite working around the clock at times for many years now.
(Don’t worry, I don’t complain. I thought it was worth it, so I did it. …and I really need very little for myself.)

Maybe my major mistake was not to see, that the goals of 786 are to benefit mankind in its entirety – and if it is not possible to motivate at least some others to also join into the building of the basic structure, maybe mankind just is not worth saving?

I now am trying a different approach.
I am inviting people to join me and I am waiting for them with open arms. Lets build this thing together – and if we succeed, we then can take it to the next level, again: together – to ignite the fire in the rest of humanity.

I am no diplomat. I do think a lot and I do speak my mind. That can make it difficult to get along with me. So I would understand if there would be some people who say: „We like the idea, we would like to proceed with it, but we don‘t want you in on it.“
I‘d go: „Fine! Let me show you what I‘ve got so far, and off you go. Good luck!“

Point is: This world of ours already is so fucked up, that there is room and need for way more than one „786“.

This website in its current appearance is NOT to attract the masses and/or trigger change. It is to attract a few who don‘t mind to read thru a bit more text than usual, who (hopefully) see the potential my Ideas and Concepts have and to then either join hands with me – or „steal“ my ideas and proceed on their own. I do NOT mind any stealing….. for I mean it when I say:
„786 is not about me, never was, never will be.“

Just like protecting our Oceans is not about protecting some far away Coral Reefs only a handful of privileged divers will ever get to see, it‘s not about saving some big fat Whales or cute little Dolphins, not about ignoring „viscous Sharks“ and loving cute little Sea Horses.

Protecting and Preserving our Oceans is about protecting and preserving the very foundation Mankind depends on. It therefor is about protecting and preserving our own Species!.

So, please, let me be very clear: This is to INVITE YOU! …to come and join us, to build a TEAM and take the next steps together.
You are as valuable if all you know is how to bake delicious cakes that we could sell in a fundraiser – as you are welcome if you are a world famous Star, or VIP willing to lend your face, your fame, your reputation to get the attention of people who might not even raise an eyebrow otherwise…..
EVERYBODY can contribute – the only question is: Do you WANT to contribute to the survival of our planet?


Now its up to you if you want to take your place and play your part.

All I can do is to lay the foundation, to define where we want to go and offer a few ideas how to get there – and that, I believe, I did.

Want to join? Want to take part in shaping the future of this Planet?
All you need to do for starters is to click “Contact” above and drop me a line. I promise I will respond personally.

Capt. Peter Brucha
Founder of 786 Global

(P.S.: I am no friggin Webdesigner – so please don’t tell me that this site looks shit and that our work on Facebook sucks. I know. I am just doing my best, with the help of Leo and we both would be more than happy for a bunch of people who’d go: “Hey, let us take care of that side of things….!” 🙂